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Marc Chagall : ( the Peace Window)
The stained glass of the Tree of Life (1976) at the chapel of Cordeliers of Sarrebourg , France

The Peace Window is the largest stained-glass window made by Chagall. It is 12 x 7.5 m and covers the whole west facade of the Chapel of the Cordeliers in Sarrebourg, a small town in the Vosges Mountains in France. Most striking about this window is that three times Chagall depicts Christ in it.

This huge stained glass is presented as a big multicolored bouquet, around and inside which gravitate several scenes of peace in the Old and New Testaments. From left to right we see the Entry of Jesus in Jerusalem, the Crucifixion, the Good Samaritan and the Sermon of the Beatitudes. On the right, the character, who reads and meditates on the biblical message of peace, is overcome by Isaiah’s vision, and crowned by three major elements of the Jewish faith: the Torah (tables of the Law), the Menorah (the seven-branch lampstand) and the animal of sacrifice. The Tree of Life is the manifestation of this union of the two testaments.
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