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Good morning everyone.

Today I return to my dear old Rome to tell you about her: a column, twisted in coils along the vertical axis. The Solomonic column! 🤩

Cosmatesque turtile column, in the basilica of S.Clemente al Celio. XII century. Rome Italy.(Via Anna agnelly)

In 70 AD. C., with the definitive destruction of the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem, the inexhaustible myth of its elements begins, in particular the columns, as divine architecture, investigated in its symbolic essence and used as a model….

Solomonic columns in «The capture of the Temple of Jerusalem by Gnaeus Pompey the Great and his soldiers » by Jean Fouquet, illustrator of the «Jewish Antiquities of Josephus», c.1470

As Jean Bazin wrote «if I had to choose an emblem of Baroque sacred art I would choose the Solomonic column»…….

St. Peter’s canopy’s solomonic culumns by Bernini. 1624 -1633.Rome.Italy.

Ionic, Doric, Corinthian order, columns invented by the Greeks. But the turtile columns, called Solomonic, who invented them? It was thought that they came from the Temple of Solomon, because in the roman first basilica of St. Peter (built in the sixth century AD and demolished in the seventeenth century AD) there were those donated by the emperor Constantine. Sacred forms therefore, but in reality a sacredness born elsewhere…….

Solomonic column in ‘Healing of the Lame in the Temple of Jerusalem’ a fresco by the school of Raphael.

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